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Life After Study Abroad: Important Things to Keep in Mind

Most Indian students studying abroad often aspire to work and settle there. As per the data
from the Ministry of External Affairs in the past year, more than 13,00,000 Indian students
were studying in 79 countries worldwide. Apart from the quality of education, the high
standard of life also urges the students to study and settle abroad. Have you ever
considered factors to bear in mind when embarking on life in a foreign country? Here we will
discuss the benefits of studying abroad and all things to consider before starting life there.

Benefits of Studying in Abroad

Studying abroad contributes a lot to your self-sufficiency and personality. You will have
friends around the globe and develop the skills of intercultural communication, different
foreign languages, adaptability, and problem-solving.

How to deal with culture shock

We all might have heard about cultural shock. Most international career aspirants find it
difficult to deal with a new culture and lifestyle along with the pain of homesickness. It will
take time to adjust to a new culture, people, ways of life, and demeanor. But what if the
feelings of frustration, isolation, and a sense of disconnection hit really hard. Won’t it make
things difficult?

In order to deal with cultural shock, the best way is to share your feelings to a person who
can relate to it, or who can completely comprehend your concerns. Don’t force yourself to
step outside your comfort zone or engage with a lot of stuffs to avoid your feelings. Give
yourself some time to overcome the emotional imbalance and slowly by slowly you will be
able to cope with the cultural shock.

Witness a more improved personality in you

After your entire educational journey, you will surely witness a more responsible and
disciplined you. Living away from your family as an international student helps you develop
independence in every aspect of your life. You will be able to manage your finances,
maintain cleanliness in your room punctuality, etc which have a lot to do with your work life.
As your friends are from different countries you will be able to adopt more values which help
for your future.

Language Skills

Many of us are very concerned about our fluency in English and other foreign languages.
But the reality is that only through practice we can attain fluency. Even if you don’t have an
easy grasping power for languages, with continuous real-life practice, you will learn the

Planning for the future

As you complete your studies you should have a clear idea of whether you are heading on
the right path. Yes, a path that helps your career and personal life as well. In the early stages
of your job search, you may encounter challenges and setbacks, but it’s important to
prioritize what truly brings you long-term satisfaction.

Resources and support

You can seek help from people and organizations for your post-graduate journey including
career services, alumni networks, and counseling services. For Example, If you are a
student from Kerala, India studying in France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia,
Canada, and the UK you can join the WhatsApp community of Universal Study, the study
abroad consultancy in Kerala. This platform will help you connect with those who are either
working or studying in their respective countries.

Life after studying abroad is different for individuals. It includes struggles to secure a quality
job but it will certainly help for your personal and professional life. Graduates should be
encouraged by like-minded people to continue their journey and fulfill their dreams.


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