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The most affordable study destination providing a high standard of quality education, excellent living conditions and a multicultural society. The country is ranked world’s best international study destination and has top Universities with the global ranking. Australian qualifications are recognized by employers and leading educational institutions in many countries around the world. The students are offered diverse options to choose their interest and the country provides job opportunities in multiple disciplines and the country offers work permit to international students in a more comfortable manner. Australia being a pioneer in the field of innovations and inventions and grants the international students opportunities of scientific research. In all possible ways the country remains as an appealing host to the aspiring students around.

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The University of Melbourne

University of Sydney

University of Queensland

Monash University

University of Western Australia


International Rankings of Australian Universities

Post-study work visa up to 5 years

No application fee in majority of the Universities

Opportunity for permanent residence

Part-time job opportunity for international students

Lower entry requirements


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Australia has 39 universities, 37 out of which are public and two are private. Choosing a program and an institution solely depends on your interests, academic background, and budget.