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Sharing a border with Germany, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Belarus, Poland is a fantastic country. The legacy of the education system of Poland carries the history of 800 years, the country is an attractive destination for the students across the world because of the high quality of education and the standardized living conditions. Poland’s cost of living are also surprisingly low, and in fact lower than in most other European countries.

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Vistula University

Wroclaw Campus

Coventry University

University of Gdansk


The high quality education system embracing diverse streams and courses

The students are allowed to work up to 20 hours every week

The students are entitled with a Schengen visa and have access to all Schengen countries.

Students can acquire 1 year of post study work visa after completing the course.

Lower cost of study and living

Lower costs of transportation

Good opportunities to build on a successful career


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 In general, it takes 3 academic years to complete bachelor studies (6 semesters), whereas master studies, depending on the field of studies, last from 1,5 to 2 academic years