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Sweden  with its openness toward the international community has become the favorite destination for international students . The country with its  prestigious education system and values is highly recognized within the student community. International students from all over the world study in Sweden, where there are over 1,000 degree programs taught entirely in English. Unlike many countries, Sweden gives their international students the right to work in Sweden during their studies.

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The Lund University

Stockholm University

Gothenburg University

Chalmers University of Technology


Freedom, equality, and sustainability are the three core values of the Swedish society which are reflected in all aspects of their life, including work, education, the natural environment.

Swedes will do as much they can to provide you with the support and resources you need to achieve your academic, professional, personal, or any other goal.

Open and progressive mentality of the citizens

Over 80% of Swedes speak English, which makes it super easy to interact with them whenever you need help or simply want to enjoy a small chit-chat


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Most universities and college in Sweden asks for the proficiency in English language which is measured mostly through IELTS score.